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Shamanism: Is shamanism hardwired or culturally influenced or possibly both?

Heritage Images/Getty Images/Getty Images.
Neolithic Art. Source:
Kevin Frayer / Getty Images.
Siberian Shaman (In ancient times)
Sangomas, The African Shamans.
Source: Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images
Russia invading parts of South Asia and Siberia
In many societies, healers or shamans function as intermediaries between the physical and spiritual world. Illness is thought to be caused by a loss of the soul from the body and the shaman’s role is enter that world and retrieve it, so body and soul are whole again. The use of “spirit guides”, powerful plants or totemic animals assists the shaman in the spirit world. This image from 1906 is of a Tlingit Healer. Photo credit: National Anthropological Archives.
“Trance Dance”
digital collage
D. Nez 2015.
Source: All of us hold some beliefs for which there is no compelling evidence. Illustration by Cristiana Couceiro; Source photographs from Corbis / Getty; Ferd Kaufman / AP (Children of God); Haruyoshi Yamaguchi / Alamy (Aum); Frédéric Soltan / Corbis / Getty (Auroville); Sandhi Satria Graha / EyeEm / Getty (mountain); Keiko Hiromi / Alamy (flag). Source:

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