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Amanzi Remix (feat. Icy Ville) [Prod. Blxxy]
Co-Produced by Jimmy Spicy
Soundcloud Name: SnowXwolf (Disha)

The first impression that this track gave off prove to be active and a banger. In other words, a banger means that a track and/or a musical composition that pertains to the production of music top tier.

In this case, the Amanzi remix is considered to me as the listener to be a banger because of its beat. For instance, to describe its intro would be to compare it to a thriller and a creeper. To note, it is not sure on whether what instruments are used to make the intro, but the delayed drum kit and/or clack noise as it builds up into a more dramatic drum pattern that sounds thunderous for 20 seconds, and then embarks on a greater eargasm of beat that expands with more enthusiasm.

Aside from the top-tier production and the layering of the different types of beats used together with the effects, the lyrics are not cared for to my likeness as the listener. Perhaps, your opinion may differ from mine, but I think that the lyric could have been improved than talking about taking somebody girl or physically handling somebody.

Plus, the autotune could have been excluded, I think that everybody had the potential to use more of their real voices because they flowed well regardless of when it came to rhyming against the beat.

Perhaps, the stylistic or aesthetic could have been kept, but the lyrics could have been pushed to a greater extent of a bigger flex if that was what the contributors were going for. Other than that, for a recap, I like the production, the intro, and the built-up to the song. If you want a rating, it would be an 8.5/10

Amanzi Remix (feat. Icy Ville) [Prod. Blxxy]
Co-Produced by Jimmy Spicy
Soundcloud Name: SnowXwolf (Disha)

Yesterday by Ugly Kidd ft Lil Strap

Next up in line is a track called Yesterday by Ugly Kidd ft Lil Strap. Initially, I got the impression that this song (from its title) conveys or translates the message of depression or about tribulation given that the song is named Yesterday.

The word Yesterday could mean many things, but referring to the lyrics, it suggests that he is (the narrator) that he was better now than he was yesterday, and that basically we all go through trials and tribulations in your life, but what matters is that you keep pushing forth onto a new day. I find that overall message to be encouraging and motivating in its approach to convey to the audience to keep pushing forward.

The one thing that had me confused was during the transistor of the other rapper’s verses. For example, some lyrics went along with the overall concept, but then he also intertwined lyrics by talking about a girl or the comfort of holding a girl along with emotional support from that which could have been improved with translating that over to the audience.

Perhaps, the lyrics could have been revised. As for the sound and video production, I suggest that the guitar be increased just a tad bit, including the bass to match and/or to level out the rest of the beat, instruments and/or elements to the song. Also, the vocals could have been panned out better.

Furthermore, the video production was okay considering that it was self-funded, I have seen worse, and I really like the effort that was put into it. For instance, you edited certain parts that display smooth transitions into the next scene or to emphasize what you were saying to match the tone and/or your deliverance.

To note, your friends’ enthusiasm shines through and his contribution made this project a decent collaborative effort, though I only suggest for him to improve his takes and to cue/sync up his mouth movements when he is syncing his verses together with the video production.

The other rapper’s scene appears unbalanced and out of sync when it comes to him rapping over his verses. To conclude, I give this track a 7.9/10. Keep it up presentable work ethic (thank you for reaching out! Pleasure to have spoken with you). Always remain as true as you are, while perfecting and pursuing your musical journey. 

Yesterday by Ugly Kidd ft Lil Strap

Only You by Lowfeey

Only You by Lowfeey would be the last track of this thread until next time. I had commented before on this material specifically this track that it is chill.  What I mean by chill is that I very much find the beat to my liking as it has a nice rhythm and/or laid-back lo-fi vibe to it.

To note, to me, the beat also resonates to be an old school 90s track that someone could smoke a spliff to (if you smoke marijuana. Disclaimer: I’m not liable for someone’s action and/or use of promotion of marijuana and/or any other drugs. This is for entertainment purposes only, and you must use your own discernment and responsibility in such cases.

Moreover, referring back to the track Only You by Lowfeey, it is very relaxing to lounge and listen to, but the lyrics are incomprehensible considering that I’m receptive to one’s stylistic, and/or dialect and/or native language. I would like to be corrected if I am wrong, but if the artist behind this track is speaking Spanish, then I would suggest not even using the effects that delay the vocalization to this track even though it gives off this laid-back feel.

The approach seems doable, but I suggest toning it down a few or to not use it at all, and just spit so there is more space within the frequency of the song to hear your flow with the lyrics that joins together with the beat. This is 8.0/10. Keep on experimenting and genre blending as you have a neat approach when it also comes to production.

Only You by Lowfeey

Meet James K 👑🃏🌌


James K – Ultra Facial!

You are mistaken, for not discovering PET and/or James K. How can you not make a shelter for this marvelous, babe? She released a 5-length EP via YouTube, Spotify, and/or Soundcloud. To note, my preference for listening to the EP is through Spotify. The extraordinary sound production quality + Spotify’s volume control and my headphones have given me the ability to be mesmerized by the juxtaposed/loopy spun layering and the vocalization of each track, but specifically ‘Ultra Facial’ is just mind-blowing. (I wonder what this would sound like as acoustic too).

‘Ultra Facial’ greatly presents a versatile palette of pop, dream pop, and electronic music and,/or genres. To note, without being too technical, the use of equipment or techniques (matters greatly and presents fruitfully as the mold of the entire composition).  To add, the tone or reaction to ‘ Ultra Facial’ is mainly highlighted as a thrill-seeking experience as one might correlate the felt adrenaline rush (of the loop) to the sport that parkour or race car driving would give.

In general, the track ‘Ultra Facial’ resonates to be the most absolute, favorite song of mine up to date as I lose complete fucking control to. In other words, the introduction + build-up of the song intensely grabs your attention like the echoing of her vocals and its fluctuations like a low/high tide along with the upbeat approach and/or application of instruments reflects an energetic buzz that sonically unleashes you back onto the floor. As you may or may not mimic Ian Curtis-like dance moves into the unknown space of the darkness in your room while mini mosh pitting, edibles included (far from judgments here).

Moreover, in ‘Ultra Facial, the juxtaposed layers and scenery of the track’s video appear to be exceptionally well-executed concepts and aesthetically pleasing as a whole project of other tracks jointed as a short film as well. Most of all the listening experience prove to be a therapeutic retreat.

“How bout we get alone now?” She invites.

“I’m ‘Open’ to ‘Feel’ for you to ‘SOKIT To Me Baby’.

‘Can you ‘Feel’ the ‘Wetstone’, ‘Rihanna’?”, she asks.

“The name is ‘Nova’, but ‘Luv Me Too’ off a ‘Drunktrack’ and make em all feel ‘Jellisy’ off a ‘Subliminal Burn’.

PET begins to expressively sing ‘Ultra Facial’  as she holds an ‘Every rose’.

As the listener, I sat without any ‘Directions’ like a ‘PET’ too, and could yet again, ‘Feel’ after being bombarded by outdated limiting bullshit and thoughts. So, thank you very much for feeding us this snack. To note, I heard snippets of this song played on Spotify’s emerging artists playlist not long ago but for some odd reason I kept missing it and then couldn’t find the song, but it was stuck in the back of my mind. To add, eventually, I found it by listening to another playlist and Deja vu hit, and it was such an explorative quest to have rediscovered this track and to have thoroughly listened to it.

To describe the track ‘Ultra Facial’, it incredibly moved me like a motor engine of the continuous guitar loops in the track. The song as a whole gives me that adrenaline rush more so at the beginning of the intro as she sings ” How will I get it? How?” While the video begins to introduce televised imagery of a roaming figure that resembles PET in a desert while a blue-haired PET is stationed elsewhere viewing and controlling this program by directionally pointing a remote forward. With this in mind, perhaps illustrates the questioning or double observation of one’s journey? One road collapse as there is another open road. Or perhaps could it be something else PET is trying to translate? You must watch for yourselves, for I have a whole complete other theory. Give it an eye in attempts to decode for yourselves by allowing yourselves to be receptive to a new show: PET visions.

James K – Ultra Facial!
James K’s new EP out now on AD 93 ✦… Written, Directed, Edited, produced by James K Subscribe to James K on YouTube –…
James K – Ultra Facial!
James K’s new EP out now on AD 93 ✦… Written, Directed, Edited, produced by James K Subscribe to James K on YouTube –…

It is easier for you to say “I don’t know what’s going on ‘I’m sorry I can’t make it out. Hello? hello? Am I dreaming or is it a show?”.

To add, onto PET’s query, perhaps entangle yourselves into the experience as it may be a question of YOU being the event to this show as she is the observer of you as you are to her.

"Out for what I long in it."
"How could one lie?"

How could one lie that this is an erupted experience onto your Facial in Ultra speed? 
This can be potentially deep beneath your dreams

“And the cost?” They asked.

James K – Ultra Facial!
James K’s new EP out now on AD 93 ✦… Written, Directed, Edited, produced by James K Subscribe to James K on YouTube –…
James K – Ultra Facial!
James K’s new EP out now on AD 93 ✦… Written, Directed, Edited, produced by James K Subscribe to James K on YouTube –…
James K – Ultra Facial!


Art 120 Inter. Drawing Project A



I took inspiration is named Jacob Lawrence. Lawrence was an African American painter turned professor at the (University of Washington). Lawrence is recognized for portraying African American historical subjects and contemporary life. For example, Lawrence created oil paintings by illustrating themes such as African Americans’ lives in Harlem, NY- in a juxtaposed technique while he used bold colors. “Dynamic Cubism” is the style that Lawrence often described his work, for explaining the bright and juxtaposed approach of the elements he chose to draw to illustrate imagery that is reflective and resonating in regard to African Americans identity, culture, and history. By studying Lawrence’s paintings over time, I have gained a greater and more profound observation of the tone of his work. To explain, what intrigues me about the tone of his work is how it reflects: perseverance and great anticipation to become your highest vibrational self. What comforts me about Lawarence’s work is that he aimed to portray paintings that focused less on challenging times and scenes that symbolized to keep pushing forward by acknowledging each step that shapes a vibrant & optimistic future.

Titled: ” The Temple’s Stairway”. (October 24th, 2022)

Collage Illustration on 18×24 Mix Media paper

Medium: Magazines, Crayon, Charcoal

Artist Statement:


  For my project, I used Lawrence’s oil painting, “The Library” as a reference. I was inspired to generate content with a similar tone and background scene. For instance, referring to the reference, I strongly enjoy the Cubism style which is a designed floor layout in his painting. In the same way, I attempted to design a layout of a library, but instead of using oil paint as the preferred medium, I collaged the layout using magazines. I strongly like the fragmentation and mosaic style that collages give. It is my favorite technique. I applied the same approach to the interior of my piece such as the background by giving it dimension. I initially used crayon but finished with charcoal for the cornered wall.  In addition, I designed a juxtaposed scenic passageway that is supposed to illustrate the interior of the library as a whole together with small illustrations highlighting smaller details that symbolize education.

 Of the concept, I aimed to expand Lawrence’s idea of the library scene, but to add a spin that highlights not only the perspective of an African American but how all of us (no matter what race):  have the opportunity to expand our intellect beyond measure. In other words, my concept aims to express a scene that shows great anticipation to heuristically beyond our own bias and to share our fruitful yet creative knowledge with others, especially as artists. Overall, in my project, I wanted to further illustrate the library scene as an optimistic experience of having greater anticipation to learn- whether through self-learning or from an institution.  There are many approaches to learning and achieving a positive and higher perspective is what motivates me to become a better artist and individual.

Photo courtesy by Tiyana Williams aka Aeroamunderga. Do not repost without permission. Please and thank you.

The Reference 

Artist: Lacob Lawarence

Title: The Library, 1960 

Medium: Tempera on Fiberboard

Image property owner: Smithsonian America Art Museum, Gift of S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc., 1969.47.24 

Citation:  Lawrence, Jacob. “The Library.” Smithsonian American Art Museum, 2019,

Tiyana Williams

November 20th, 2022

Art 120 Inter. Drawing

Project B Submission: Rethinking History/Dismantling of the Narrative/Reframing the Present.

Title: Feast the Gaze

Mediums: Graphite (so far)- I plan to keep this as an illustration, but probably will use other mediums. So, perhaps this will be considered mixed media.


Artist statement:

My project in regards to Rethinking History/Dismantling of the Narrative/Reframing the Present is inspired by Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles D’Avignon (1907),and also Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper (1495-1498). As mentioned, my project is a work in progress, but my overall aim is to approach ideas such as appropriation and re-appropriation together with images that generate meaning to illustrate the concept and/or a 2-in-1 concept of betrayal and colonization. To explain, these two themes were inspired by an experience of taking art history 180 in which we discussed the context of traditional artwork while hypothesizing (methods and theories) of how one or two ideas may tie into what is studied (with research).

In addition, I read accounts and/or analyses from various art historians about  Picasso’s Les Demoiselles D’Avignon regarding gender and race. I retained my information from the source: Anna Chave’s “New Encounters With Les Demoiselles D’Avignon” (on race/gender in Picasso). This source inspired me to further the hypothetical discussion to observe the concept of how or why Pablo Picasso painted prostitutes along with the reference of origin to Cubism including the hypothetical argument behind how he may have or not have appropriated African influences (as he denied it), and on defining the word “primitive”. To add, I want to incorporate another theme that focuses on colonialism within the piece in regards to the females wearing the African masks that are viewed as “primitive”.

In general, I found it interesting to read various arguments from art historians against one another regarding what they thought about Les Demoiselles D’Avignon. I want to expand and illustrate the idea of “the white male gaze” as well, and how women are still looked upon as an object as they were then, but to also correlate the idea of betrayal from Leonardo Da Vinci’s piece as the disciples were questioned (one of them demonstrating betrayal). Instead, I will illustrate them all being in the question of betrayal as “the male gazers”. 

Feast The Gaze (18×24) : (WORK IN PROGRESS)

Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles D’Avignon (1907)


Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles D’Avignon (1907)

Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper (1495-1498)


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