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Rid of False Illusions & Live out your Authentic Self.

As I wrote the title ” Rid of False Illusions & Live Out Your Authentic self” I beg the question of what do I mean? Anyone on this earth could say that statement simply without digging deep into the conversation of it.

I want to make a conversation of it in which the feeling of hopelessness and of living a false illusion can resonate with particularly anyone that feels this way, for we are all flawed and have insecurities.

We all go through things in life that shift our focus and have us questioning ourselves. We are truly at battle with ourselves at times together with other hardships that we are faced with.

So with feeling like a false illusion of yourself, and not living in your truth: how can one face this and use this stumbling block as strength to become a better version of themselves?

Well, from personal experience about feeling like a false illusion to my own life, I say that this concept of oneself including myself is certainly not true.

It seems as true because those who feel this way like I, have been allowing ourselves to be a victim to this false concept as we may feel that we are anchored to this belief and must live up to it. This false belief is draining, harmful to one’s life, and must be ridden of.

How can we, those that feel this way rid of this daunting belief of ourselves?  I suggest that we find ways that will help shape us into better versions of ourselves. For instance, (related to the mind and brain), I suggest that one pursues activities & hobbies that one truly is joyous of. 

Keep in mind to also do other things that will refresh you and have you active mentally and physically active. By sticking to a routine without exploration and room to develop fun, and productive skills will hinder you from enjoying new things.

People become angry for doing things ocontinously instead of allowing themselves to try something new. I say more so mentally in this example for the fact that we are creatures of knowledge about literally anything that we come across or what crosses us. 

So again, soak up knowledge that is of interest, study it,  and eventually, the knowledge will be applied. This part is up to you because you acquire the knowledge now the next step is for you to figure out how to apply it. Remember knowledge has no barriers as opportunities are everywhere.

Speaking more so of emotions, do sudden feelings of guilt, sadness, anger etc (negative feelings) pop up randomly and are unwanted for? If so, ask yourself questions like: why do I feel this way? Why do I feel angry? Really try to focus on what makes you feel that way. For instance, if you are doing nothing, are scrolling on social media  assumijg that everyone else is doing what they love which they totally could be and, but you are not is a cause for disaster.

Instead of consuming in the emotions of anger, sadness, or even jealousy, establish boundaries with yourself to not drown in that illusion and do something you love. The possibility that you may feel off-balanced and unfulfilled is that you are not yourself to do what you truly want to do.

When I say this I mean avoid doing exactly what others are doing (as you may see from social media), and follow your goals as you are living in the moment of reality and not technology. The more you focus on what others are doing takes away you could be doing for yourself. Put to action what makes you feel truly good at doing it. Who else is to stop you, but yourself? Don’t let that happen!

(General DOUBTS): The more doubts you have, it’s highly suggestive to challenge yourself. Note this and remember that not everything or everyone is meant to be manifested into your life or for you. That is what trips most of us up in life because some live for others than themselves even if they are not aware of this realization. 

On the authority of Leo Gura of a self-help guru, he makes a valid point that  “everyone is not going to like you, and you are not going to be good or perfect at everything”. He corrected observation or opinion that one will always be miserable if they are living for someone else than themselves.

To speak up for yourself based on your initial reactions and observations to things without holding back your tongue or altering yourself deed living for yourself allows your authentic self to grow in its true state.

Re: Not everyone is going to like or care for what you do, and you are not going to be liked and cared for by everyone. So why stay in debt to the false concept that it’s the way of living. If it was the way of living then we would be robots with no originality or truth to us and what we do. 

LIVE FOR YOURSELF in all aspects! Do you want a new haircut? Get that haircut or you want to switch up your whole wardrobe, do so or if you want to pursue another major or career do so!

These are small examples, but eventually, once you know how to put into use a healthier attitude/mindset to put these simple to huge life-changing events to action, eventually it’ll be a little easier to execute bigger decisions.

Why is that so? You put these life-changing decisions into action based on your free will. The results would be beneficial if you followed your intuition, your gut feeling is an indicator of what is either right or wrong. Re: one must live for themselves, but to first like then eventually grow to love what they do for themselves to maintain that trust factor of relying on themselves.  

Referencing back to what I wrote in the introduction of feeling the same way, I too have to follow my advice on how to fight against this false concept of “faking it”.

It is hard as fuck to come out of the victim role and to start the work but it is WORTH IT! Even though it is hard as fuck, I tell myself to suggest to you that this is your life to live, you only have one. No excuse should be made as to why your life is not worth living.

There is only ONE you in this life (besides kids if you have one or more). It is so special that you are here existing so use the time that you have to discover yourself.  

Even if you think otherwise, you are discovering yourself even though you may feel like you are controlled by a “fake version” of yourself or a fake image. At least you can admit/recognize/respond to when you are not yourself as that is the first step towards working on yourself. 

Point is, we are all work in progress and we are continuously learning ourselves until we are no longer here. While we are here still, you are still discovering yourself in ways that are both indirect/directly, in simple or in-depth scenarios. 

Examples of this are the observation of discovering what works for you and what doesn’t: “I don’t like Mc Donalds instead I like Mexican food”, “Why am I highly sensitive?” “I’m not good at drawing but I am skilled in collage”, “I dislike loud noises, but prefer to listen to soundscapes, or ” I’m not great at developing healthy relationships so I will work on self-care” etc.

 Each day we are given the time to tear down and rebuild or recreate ourselves (hopefully for the better) as we are reminded through scenarios of the pros and cons that either balance or outweighs us all. 

The possibility of the reason why most of us feel “fake” is that we are restricting ourselves off to only what makes us look decent and more appealing than to show what makes us flawed.

We can improve our flaws only if we allow ourselves to, but before doing that we must acknowledge and accept our flaws. At times our flaws are meaningful to another or certain situation as it depends on how one looks at it. Nothing seems out of perfectionism as strong bonds with others, and a strong bond with yourself reflects off of purity and honesty.

Moving on, as I mentioned prior as this being a personal struggle of mines too,  what has helped me is to rest. While resting, one is much more in a calm state to reflect on things that could be improved, but don’t make it harder than what it is. Allow yourself to rest, admit/recognize/respond to your thought patterns, feelings, and tackle what is on your plate bit by bit. 

Another thing that has been helping me is to ask for help! We ALL don’t have it 100% together, and it is unrealistic to think so. Yes, we are ALL strong and none of us are incapable of achieving great things especially for our higher selves, but to do it all alone with no help is impossible.

There are many examples I could list of need help, but to keep brief, a helping hand doesn’t hurt when you need someone to talk to or help you with burdening tasks. On all aspects,  help could be right in our face, but we turn a blind eye to help because of the blown ego to failure or flaws.

I suggest looking at it this way,  failure is another form of change (from one thing to another) and learning. To tackle failure, we must be met with criticism from ourselves mostly, but from others too. To put in the hard work while allowing others to help you in areas in which you might be unable to see errors could help you in the long run as well.

Receiving help is beneficial as you cannot do it all on your own. Doing it all by yourself leads to burnout, and can cause resentment of not prioritizing what needs to be dealt with in a healthy and balanced manner.

My top suggestions are: resting and allow yourself to live in the present too. Those principles will open your eyes to see what is right in front of you, your life, and everything that is there: yourself, family/friends(if they are around in your life), opportunities, shelter, and existence, etc (the greater and most valuable things in life that we take for granted.

Last thoughts are: improve on things that make existence much more joyous, concrete and healthier to you because you already know yourself to a certain extent. You just need to discover more of what makes up your life as you have more years to live hopefully and appreciatively. 

Thank you for reading this far if you have, and I hope you took what applies.

Remember, we are all living through struggles on this earth whether it is in our control or not. Practice being considerate towards one and another, Work on ways to remain positive, and fulfill your authentic self truly! More so spread love every chance that you get.

From I to you, from wherever and whoever you are. Much love to you ❤

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